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    New Course: 623 Introduction to Cyber Security for Educators

    by D'Annunzio Ruisdael Delma -

    The Learning Hub is pleased to announce the launch of the new course 623 – Introduction to Cyber Security for Educators. Through a mix of interactive content, knowledge checks, and valuable resources, this self-paced online course presents educators with the necessary tools to gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to protect themselves and transfer their newfound knowledge to their students. Educators will also learn the importance of understanding the vulnerabilities that impact the education sector, and the importance of the overall cyber security skills in all disciplines and everyday life in today’s digital world.

    Updated Course: 107 |Cyber Security Fundamentals

    by Gabrielle Levesque -

    The Learning Hub is pleased to announce the launch of the updated course 107 – Cyber Security Fundamentals. This course presents cyber security terminology, concepts, and processes through an interactive mix of lectures, discussions, examples, and group activities. It helps participants establish a solid foundation of cyber security awareness and understanding.

    New Course: 625 |Cyber Security for Small and Medium Organizations

    by Kindree Woznow -
    The Learning Hub is proud to announce an exciting addition to our elearning curriculum: 625-Cyber Security for Small and Medium Organizations. Designed and developed in collaboration with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED), this self-paced online course is well suited for anyone looking to improve their organization's cyber security posture. The modules, which each take 20 to 60 minutes to complete, are designed for learners with minimal technical knowledge. Each module includes:
    • an explanation of the importance of the security control
    • a case study, highlighting what can go wrong without proper measures in place
    • knowledge checks and quizzes to test understanding
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