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New Course: 277 |Tactical Key Loader (TKL)

New Course: 277 |Tactical Key Loader (TKL)

by Kindree Woznow -
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Are you a Communications Security (COMSEC) Custodian, designated COMSEC authority, or technical authority responsible to maintain, handle, distribute, or use the TKL?
The TKL is the latest T3MD (Tier 3 Management Device) approved by CSE to manage, store, and distribute cryptography. It is a minimized, ruggedized, lightweight replacement for legacy key fill devices that delivers next generation capabilities, including the ability to connect directly to one another and load keys in seconds. In this course, You will be introduced to foundational COMSEC concepts and policies such at key types, fill vs issue, red vs black key, and the COMSEC incident guidelines and reporting procedure. Additionally, you will be become familiarized with the components and features of the TKL, supplemented by hands-on training, including conducting the initial setup, receiving and distributing keys, and filling an End Cryptographic Unity (ECU).

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