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Updated Course: 231 |Key Material Support Plan (KMSP)

Updated Course: 231 |Key Material Support Plan (KMSP)

by Kindree Woznow -
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The KMSP is fundamental pillar of establishing and maintaining a COMSEC account, and as such, all CSE-approved COMSEC accounts must ensure that appointed personnel possess the required knowledge to manage the operational use of cryptographic material assigned to a cryptonet. In this course, you will become familiarized with the roles and responsibilities of the appointed authorities, the families of Accountable COMSEC Material, cryptonet key requirements, and the development of a KMSP. Most importantly, you will be walked through the KMSP process step-by-step and then given an opportunity to complete a sample KMSP, fully preparing you to administer the one at your account. Please contact to register for a personalized session!

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