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New Cyber Security Courses!

New Cyber Security Courses!

by Dominique Rochon -
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The Learning Hub is pleased to introduce three new exciting cyber security courses to add to our ever growing curriculum.

Course 122 – Implementing Robust Authentication in the GC : Robust authentication approaches are necessary to reduce the risks of cyber attacks and secure devices, systems and networks. This workshop aims to refine authentication concepts, explore strategic approaches, understand best practices and equip participants with the tools to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of authentication schemes in a GC context.

Course 123 – Targeted Social Engineering Attacks: Social engineering attacks vary in how they are crafted and are constantly evolving, with increasingly sophisticated and targeted attacks becoming more common.  Organizations are often the targets of spear phishing and whaling campaigns given their access to sensitive and financial information. This ½ day workshop will describe these attacks and provide advice on how to spot, avoid and address the threats.

Course 124 – Mitigating Insider Threats: Cyber attacks don't just come from outside malicious actors. There may be threats inside your own environment. This course will focus on recognizing insider threat risks and methodologies and on applying security controls to help mitigate, detect, and investigate insider wrongdoing.

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