Summary of 240 - Data Transfer Device (DTD)

Course Description

As an integral part of the Government of Canada Electronic Key Management System (GC EKMS), the Data Transfer Device (DTD) AN/CYZ-10 is designed to eliminate the dependency on common fill devices, system unique storage/loading devices, and physical key requirements. The course reviews the methods for receiving and distributing electronic key from the DTD.

Participants will be introduced to, and become familiar with, all the various types of cryptographic key available for use and the forms used to order them. Additionally, they will learn about the cryptographic equipment that use the various types of key and the specific roles that are associated with the types of keys that are available to order.

Course Objectives

  • Review the GC EKMS
  • Apply DTD functionality
  • Identify and use DTD applications




1 day

Target Audience

All Government of Canada (GC) departments and their contractors who handle, distribute, account for, store or use the Data Transfer Device (DTD) AN/CYZ-10 for storing electronic keys.


Learners must have knowledge of cryptography and the use of cryptographic keys. Courses 410 and 235 are highly recommended to provide this background.


Although it is not mandatory, it is important that participants understand what keys are and what keys are used for prior to attending this training. Some knowledge of cryptography, therefore, would help participants to understand the DTD’s "raison d'être".

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