Summary of 281 - TACLANE In-Line Network Encryptor

Course Description

This course teaches how to install, configure and maintain TACLANE in an operational environment. The combination of classroom presentations and hands-on exercises gives learners practical experience. This course also includes a complete module of training on the IP version of GEM X.

Course Objectives

  • Install and configure TACLANE
  • Learn about Key Management
  • Create Security Policies
  • Set up Security Parameters
  • Maintain TACLANE
  • Manage TACLANE using GEM X




3 days

Target Audience

All Government of Canada (GC) departments, technical authorities, Communications Security (COMSEC) custodians, designated COMSEC authorities and contractors who maintain, handle, distribute or use TACLANE products.


Prior to attending, participants must have a basic understanding of key material (symmetric and asymmetric) and networking (IP Network v.4, subnetting, and network topology). To satisfy this standard, participants are required to take Course 780 - Introduction to In-line Network Encryptors. For particular attention to the subject of key, we would recommend Course 235 - COMSEC in the GC. Course 275 - Simple Key Loader (SKL) may also be considered a recommendation, since the SKL device will be used in this course.

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