Summary of 245 - Secure DTD 2000 System (SDS)

Course Description

The Secure DTD-2000 System (SDS) (KIK-20) is a next generation replacement for the currently fielded AN/CYZ-10 Data Transfer Device (DTD). The KIK-20 provides automated, secure and user friendly methods for managing and distributing cryptographic key material, Signal Operating Instructions (SOI), and Electronic Protection data. This course introduces the components of the KIK-20 SDS and provides hands-on training to each participant.

Course Objectives

  • Use the SDS
  • Identify its purpose, capabilities, security features and associated keys




1 day

Target Audience

All Government of Canada (GC) departments and their contractors, who handle, distribute, account for, store or use the KIK-20 SDS to store electronic keys.


Learners must have knowledge of cryptography and the use of cryptographic keys. Courses 410 and/or 235 are highly recommended to provide this background.

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