Summary of 230 - COMSEC Account Management

Course Description

Learners will be introduced to the various duties required of COMSEC custodians as well as the IT Security Directive for the Control of COMSEC Material in the Government of Canada (ITSD-03A). This training will assist in developing the required skills and knowledge needed to perform the critical activities required of COMSEC custodians when handling COMSEC material.

Learners will be introduced to management of Accountable COMSEC Material (ACM) throughout its lifecycle, the reports required for issuing, transferring and destroying ACM and ordering cryptographic key to name just a few.

Course Objectives

  • Recognize a COMSEC environment
  • Interpret the COMSEC terminology, guidelines and procedures
  • Explain the roles and responsibilities of custodial personnel
  • Manage COMSEC material accounting and use control procedures
  • Perform COMSEC incident reporting
  • Perform audits of COMSEC accounts
  • Order cryptographic keys




4 days

Target Audience

COMSEC custodians, alternate COMSEC custodians, designated COMSEC authorities


Course 410 – Cryptographic Security in the GC is highly recommended to provide background on the cyber security context.


Participants must successfully complete a final exam for official certification. (Passing grade = 75%)

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