Summary of 206 - Distributed INFOSEC Accounting System (DIAS)

Course Description

A key component of this course is familiarizing learners with the Distributed INFOSEC Accounting System (DIAS) software, which is designed to automate the accounting and tracking of Communications Security (COMSEC) material within the account.

Learners will install and operate DIAS at the account level by using hands-on practical exercises and will perform actual transactions, including transfers, destructions, issues, corrections, as well as various other management functions.

Course Objectives

  • Install and set up DIAS system
  • Populate the DIAS database
  • Receive and prepare Transfer Reports
  • Prepare Hand Receipts (Issue material)
  • Prepare Destruction Reports (Destroy material)
  • Conduct Inventory




1 day

Target Audience

Government of Canada (GC) COMSEC custodial staff members, who are employed in departments that use DIAS to manage COMSEC material, must attend this training. Other interested persons, such as the Chief Security Officers (CSO), Security Coordination Senior Officials and Department COMSEC Authority (DCA), who need to understand the tasks performed by their custodial staffs, may attend.


Course 230 - COMSEC Account Management


Participants must successfully complete a final exam for official certification.

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