Summary of 277 - Tactical Key Loader (TKL)

Course Description

The TKL is the latest Tier 3 Management Device (T3MD) approved by the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) to manage, store, and distribute cryptography. It is a minimized, ruggedized, lightweight replacement for legacy key fill devices that delivers next generation capabilities, including the ability to connect directly to one another and load keys in seconds. Participants will be introduced to foundational COMSEC concepts and policies such as key types, fill vs issue, red vs black key, and the COMSEC incident guidelines and reporting procedure. Additionally, participants will be become familiar with the components and features of the TKL, supplemented by hands-on training, including conducting the initial setup, receiving and distributing keys, and filling an End Cryptographic Unity (ECU).

Course Objectives

  • Identify the TKL’s features and capabilities
  • Perform the TKL’s essential functions
  • Perform a key load into an ECU and establish secure communication
  • Explain the purpose of audit trails
  • Identify COMSEC incidents, their categories and types
  • Describe the COMSEC incident reporting process

Target Audience

Government of Canada (GC) departments and private sector companies who handle, distribute, account for, store, or use the TKL.




1 day


This course is designed for individuals with no previous relevant knowledge or experience, although participants are encouraged to complete the course 230 - COMSEC Account Management, if they are a COMSEC Custodian, prior to attending this course.

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