Summary of 285 - GEM One

Course Description

This hands-on course familiarizes learners with GEM One, a remote management software used to centrally manage networked End Cryptographic Units (ECU), such as KG-175 TACLANEs and vIPers. The combination of guided exercises and performance-oriented labs gives learners practical experience that can be used on the job. In addition, this course provides guidance on how to transition from the recently discontinued GEM X to GEM One.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this course are to ensure that upon successful completion, the participant will be able to effectively use the GEM One management software to centrally manage networked End Cryptographic Units (ECU) E.g., KG-175 TACLANEs and vIPers.




1 day

Target Audience

Network administrators, technical authorities, Communications Security (COMSEC) custodians, local element managers, designated COMSEC authorities and contractors who maintain, handle, distribute or use TACLANE products.


It is recommended that you complete the online course 780 – Basic TACLANE and course 281 – TACLANE Network Encryptor prior to attending this course

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