Summary of 235 - COMSEC in the GC

Course Description

This course introduces Communications Security (COMSEC) as a subset of IT Security (ITS). It discusses the disciplines that comprise COMSEC as well as some threats to those disciplines that could lead to COMSEC incidents. In addition, the course describes the management of COMSEC material and the associated departmental responsibilities.

Course Objectives

  • Identify COMSEC and its disciplines as the primary method of protecting sensitive correspondence and data that is transmitted over Government of Canada (GC) communication systems
  • Define measures that must be applied to protect sensitive Government of Canada (GC) information while being transmitted




1 day

Target Audience

GC and Canadian Private Sector company personnel working in the ITS environment who need a good understanding of how COMSEC measures can, and must, be applied to protect sensitive GC information.

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