Summary of 210 - Eclypt Encryption Drives

Course Description

The Eclypt Encryption Drive is an encrypted portable drive that allows easy and immediate access to your secure data. It uses advanced, hardware-based full disk encryption that employs Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) ensuring your data is completely protected and secure. This one-day, hands-on oriented course introduces the user to Eclypt procurement requirements, basic set-up and initialization procedures and device management, handling and accountability.

Course Objectives

  • Identify the Procurement process
  • Describe Eclypt specific keys, their uses and parameters
  • Perform the installation of the Crypto Custodian Kit
  • Program Keymat Tokens
  • Describe the set-up and initialization process and create initial ICO account
  • Perform management tasks and create and manage accounts
  • Identify the handling and accounting procedures for the Eclypt




1 day

Target Audience

All Government of Canada (GC) departments and their contractors who will require access to the Eclypt for encrypting classified data.

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