Summary of 270 - vIPer

Course Description

The vIPer is an easy-to-use Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol (SCIP) device that protects information classified Top Secret/ Secure Communications Interoperability (SCI) and below and allows users to make secure and non-secure calls on Voice over IP and analog networks. This one-day workshop focuses on hands-on exercises in which learners will be introduced to the proper use, handling, and management of the vIPer from initial set-up, loading/deleting key, and rekeying to making secure voice and data calls.

Course Objectives

  • Describe the purpose and capabilities of the vIPer
  • Identify and demonstrate how to use vIPer security features
  • Perform key management functions
  • Perform secure calls to various SCIP devices




1 day

Target Audience

Government of Canada (GC) departments, and their contractors, as well as private sector company personnel who use the vIPer.


Prior to attending, participants should have a working knowledge of the T3MD used in their accounts. Please note that the SKL will be the T3MD device used for classroom exercises. Course 275 - Simple Key Loader (SKL) would provide this level of knowledge.

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