Summary of 233 - Cryptographic Key Management and Ordering

Course Description

Cryptographic key provides the basis for assuring that Government of Canada (GC) communications in network and non-network applications is secure. GC departments that employ cryptographic devices to secure their sensitive communications must know how to order the appropriate key for the appropriate network. This course provides participants with a focused working knowledge on the complexities of managing and ordering cryptographic key and delves into the concepts and processes associated with who can order key, how to interpret and use the correct forms for ordering the different types of key that are available for use on networks and the policies that govern the use and distribution of that key.

Participants will be introduced to, and become familiar with, all the various types of cryptographic key available for use and the forms used to order them. Additionally, they will learn about the cryptographic equipment that use the various types of key and the specific roles that are associated with the types of keys that are available to order.

Course Objectives

This course will provide you with a high-level appreciation of the key concepts and processes of cross domain solutions. It will help you plan and understand the business requirements for cross domains solutions when the need arises for information sharing between security domains.

  • Describe the concepts and policy instruments associated with cryptographic key types
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities when ordering cryptographic key
  • Identify the various types of equipment that use cryptographic key
  • Identify the characteristics of cryptographic key
  • Describe the requirements for ordering cryptographic key
  • Identify and fill out cryptographic key ordering forms




1 day

Target Audience

Controlling Authority (ConAuth), Command Authority (CmdAuth) and Product Requestors


  • Course 235 – COMSEC in the GC
  • Course 410 – Cryptographic Security in the GC


  • This is a mandatory course for GC personnel registering for the COMSEC Management Certification Program (CMCP).
  • If you have previously taken course 230, we do not recommend enrolling in course 233.

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