Summary of 229 - COMSEC Account Management for private sector companies

The COMSEC Account Management Course for Private Sector Companies is designed to provide learners with a comprehensive awareness and knowledge of the duties of a COMSEC Sub-Account Custodian or Local Element Manager. Participants will be introduced to the various duties required of these appointments as well as the policies and safeguards that apply to Accountable COMSEC Material (ACM). This training will assist in developing the required skills and knowledge needed to perform the critical activities required of COMSEC Sub-Account Custodians and Local Element Managers when handling ACM.

Some of the topics participants will be introduced to, include managing ACM throughout its lifecycle, completing reports concerning material and personnel and managing the reception and distribution of ACM.


This course will provide you with a high-level appreciation of the key concepts and processes of cross domain solutions. It will help you plan and understand the business requirements for cross domains solutions when the need arises for information sharing between security domains.

  • Recognize the unique aspects of the COMSEC environment and hierarchy.
  • Interpret COMSEC terminology, guidelines and procedures.
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities for appointed personnel.
  • Manage COMSEC material accounting, control and use procedures.
  • Identify types of COMSEC Incidents and how they’re reported.
  • Recognize the importance of auditing COMSEC material and accounts.
  • Identify the requirements of In-Process accounting.


3 days

Target Audience:

  • Personnel assigned COMSEC Sub-Account/Local Element Manager duties from a Private Sector Company under contract by a GC Sponsor
  • Designated COMSEC Authorities (e.g. DCA/ECA/CSO)


  • Participants must successfully pass a final exam

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