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Changes to the COMSEC Management Certification Program (CMCP)

Changes to the COMSEC Management Certification Program (CMCP)

by Dominique Rochon -
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In an effort to streamline the COMSEC Management Certification Program (CMCP) and to simplify the registration process, the Learning Hub will implement the identified changes below effective December 1, 2018. The program will now be branded under one course number (230) and offered as a four-day session. This change has no impact to those who have already completed the CMCP certification.

The CMCP provides the necessary foundation to prepare candidates appointed as COMSEC Custodians. The CMCP pathways will be a mandatory requirement for all GC employees or private sector company personnel who are appointed to the position of COMSEC Custodian or Alternate COMSEC Custodian. For those who believe that they have the requisite training and/or experience that support the learning requirements, they can apply for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) to the LH.

The CMCP will consist of three similar but independent pathways that have been designed to consider COMSEC account composition; Manual (non-automated), DIAS and EKMS.

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