Summary of 350 - Wireless Security

Course Description

This course provides a global understanding of mobile devices and wireless networks from a security perspective. Risk management considerations are offered for each device discussed. Upon completion, learners should be able to better advise their departments on the risks and challenges of wireless technologies and potential approaches to mitigating these risks.

Course Objectives

  • Identify threats within wireless environments
  • Recognize typical vulnerabilities and safeguards for wireless communication to include:
    • Cellular and Personal Communications Services (PCS) network security
    • Secure wireless encrypted e-mail solution
    • Wireless handheld device security
    • Personal Area Networks (PAN) security (e.g. Bluetooth)
    • Wireless Local Area Network (LAN) security (IEEE 802.11)
    • Wireless networks intercept demonstrations




3 days

Target Audience

IT Security Practitioners and/or System Managers/Administrators responsible for wireless environments


Course 601 – Introduction to IT Security Management [e-learning]


Level II security clearance required

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