Summary of 545 - Contracting and IT Security

Course Description

This course provides learners with IT security considerations when contracting with particular reference to IT systems and services. Upon completion, employees should be able to review various contracting documents and advise on the various IT security implications. They will also be able to identify and advise on key IT security requirements throughout the contracting life-cycle and support monitoring, compliance and vendor management requirements.

Course Objectives

  • Define and advise on IT security implications in the contracting lifecycle for:
    • IT Systems
    • Software
    • Services
  • Identify special provisions for IT security contracts




1 day

Target Audience

IT Security Managers, IT Security Administrators, IT Security Coordinators and Contracting Staff


  • Course 601 – Introduction to IT Security Management [e-learning]
  • Course 104 – IT Security Risk Management: A Lifecycle Approach (ITSG-33)

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