Summary of 109 - Cyber Security Foundations for GC Information Systems

Course Description

The management of cyber security involves the selection, implementation and monitoring of security controls. This course will provide you with a clear context for cyber security concerns within Canada and the GC. It will help you to identify the initial steps towards the implementation of a cyber security process for information systems within a departmental context.

Course Objectives

  • Provide a clear context of the cybersecurity strategy for the GC
  • Explore and identify relevant security tools for the implementation of a Departmental Security Plan
  • Provide an overview of the Information System Security Implementation Process as it relates to cybersecurity
  • Become familiar with the sources of information used to define a Departmental Threat Assessment
  • Provide an overview of the GC Cyber Security Event Management Plan




1 day

Target Audience

IT Security Practitioners, IT Project Managers and IT Managers


Course 601 – Introduction to IT Security Management [e-learning]

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