Summary of 385 - Cross Domain Solutions – A Primer

Course Description

This introductory course provides participants with the overall concepts of cross domain solutions (CDS) for the Government of Canada (GC). Training is based on the principles and practices detailed in the Information Technology Security Bulletin, ITSB-120: Cross Domain Security Primer. This course focuses on the business requirements, security considerations and processes when there is a need to share information across different security domains. This includes the threats to implementing these processes and a description of the CDS components, software and hardware which mitigate these threats. Following the course, participants will be familiar with CDS business requirements, threats to information sharing, mitigations to threats using CDS guards and components and a basic understanding of CDS architectures.

Course Objectives

This course will provide you with a high-level appreciation of the key concepts and processes of cross domain solutions. It will help you plan and understand the business requirements for cross domains solutions when the need arises for information sharing between security domains.

  • Understand the business requirements for a CDS
  • Be aware of the threats (network, data etc.)
  • Know the basic security components and mitigations of a CDS
  • Be able to ask the right questions before initiating a CDS deployment




½ day

Target Audience

Project/Program Managers, IT Security Designers, Architects, Engineers and Managers


  • Knowledge of general information technology security within the GC is beneficial
  • Read and familiarize yourself with the ITSB-120: Cross Domain Security Primer

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