Summary of 107 - Cyber Security Fundamentals

Course Description

This introductory course is for anyone who wishes to become more familiar with cyber security basics and the cyber threat landscape. It presents cyber security terminology, concepts, and processes through an interactive mix of lectures, discussions, examples, and group activities. The course can also be readily tailored for groups upon request to fit specific professional, business, and departmental contexts.


1 day

Delivery method

Instructor-led (virtual and in-person)



Target Audience

Employees working within the GC and Canadian private sector companies.


Prior to attending this course, we highly recommend that participants complete the self-paced Discover Cyber Security (DDN235) online course through the Canada School of Public Service.

Course Objectives

  • Recall the goals and challenges of cyber security
  • Recall how the Internet functions
  • Describe the cyber threat landscape
  • Recall the tools, tactics, and procedures of cyber threat actors
  • Describe the security controls that can mitigate vulnerabilities
  • Apply cyber security concepts to a compromise scenario

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